Theia Pearson Quotes

  • “All I had was one stupid nightmare.  No one ever died from a nightmare.”   
  • “I’m not cut out for this superhero stuff.  I’m just plain old ordinary me, doing my job and making a living.”   
  • “[My day in court] was a complete waste of time.   A couple of rednecks who think taking each other to adult abuse court is foreplay.”  
  • “That saying ‘It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’ is complete bullshit.  Whoever wrote that never had their heart dashed into a thousand jagged shards.”   
  • Why did these things keep happening to her?  Did she make stupid mistakes or did she just have a neon “fuck me” arrow hanging over her?   
  • “I don’t want your pity, because that would mean I’m a victim, and I refuse to be a victim.”   
  • “He intrigues me, he pisses me off, he makes me horny, and he annoys the hell out of me.”
  • Theia heard someone screaming and realized the sound was coming out of her.   
  • She had to get herself under control.  Tamp down the fear.  Feel nothing, only think.  Think of a way to survive.   
  • “I’ll be in heaven and you’ll be in the bowels of hell.”   
  • “I represent life or death.  As long as I’m alive, you’re alive.  If you kill me, you kill yourself.”   
  • Grabbing his shoulders, she shook him, demanding, “Breathe, damn it!  Breathe!”    
  • She danced through every day as if her feet weren’t touching the ground.  Life was perfect, now that no one was trying to kill her.   
  • She didn’t think she would ever trust, want or need a man again.  And then came Jack.   
  • Family Court was no place for children.  Or for the sane. 
  • Theia followed a personal principle that if you treat people with respect, sometimes they behave in a manner worthy of the respect. 
  • “She’s a prime example of my first two rules that explain many things in life.  Rule number one, people are stupid.  Rule number two, people lie.”   
  • “Why do people assume women lawyers are bitches?  Only about half the women lawyers I know are bitches.” 
  • “I’ll ask a question, and you stomp your foot once for Yes and twice for No.” 
  • “I’ll get over him.  He’s just another man.”  
  • “How can I fix this?  Cram pliers down his throat and pull the words out of him?”
  • On men:  Was she asking for too much?  All she wanted was a man who would stir her soul, her mind, her passion.  One who would make her feel beautiful and cherished, yet also make her want to rip off her clothes.
  • “Well, that’s how you know you had great sex – when someone’s clothes got torn.” 
  • “You say you’re going to kill me anyway, so why should I play along with your stupid game?”   
  • “What’d you do, steal your baby sister’s gun? … I have underwear more frightening than that.”
  • “If your weapon’s as small as your little gun, I don’t know if it’d even count as rape.”


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