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FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "I loved this book, I read it all at one sitting. Couldn't put it down. Waiting for the next one from this author!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Clear some time on your calendar before you buy this book. Could not put it down. Looking forward to the next one."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "After reading the first book I was excited to see how the second one would measure up but I have to say it was even better than I imagined. I can not wait for the third book to come out."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Great suspense-filled fun read.  I read the first book in the trilogy and loved it. This one is even better! I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy. Fun read. Couldn't put it down. I love the characters, especially Theia, Colleen and Lu!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "A gripping, suspense-filled tale that is a fun read and makes you want more of the same. Hoping for the sequel soon."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Suspenseful but fun!  I read this book just after it was available and it was another suspenseful and fun book to read. Quick read, maybe because it was impossible to put down!!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Unputdownable!  Not Dead Yet grabbed me and didn't let me go. Having been in an abusive marriage for years I could identify with these characters. Very well written. More please!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Addicting!  Great story, great characters. The twists and turns keep you reading and wanting more. Some good psychos, and a little romance, terror, and the strength of what horrible things people can survive through and endure."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Page turner!  If you like action with a strong women in the lead role? Try this one out! Great book! Could not put it down, download it!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Engaging legal thriller.  Theia Pearson is a lawyer that works with abused women, something she has direct knowledge of, having survived a husband that verbally abused her, then shot her twice after the divorce. The police killed him as he stood over her.
She has a client that bails in the adult abuse court hearing, to terrified to testify against him. Tneia had done all she could for the woman and put it aside to go to another.
A call late that night from the woman, then hearing the husband caching her and beating her over the phone gets her involved once more. The cops find the home empty, signs of violence everywhere, And blood. But no one home.
The whole thing brings the nightmares back of her own husband.
Then the phone calls start. Demanding she come to so and so if she wants to rescue her client. No police or else!
It's all leading to something else as Theia recruits a friend to help. And the friend's brother who's had military training and works for a private security firm.
Nice, engaging thriller as the three pursue the homicidal husband in an effort to save the man's wife. A twist halfway through sends them into something else.
Recommended highly."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Thriller, chills and twists.  I was riveted to this read from start to finish. Loved it. Would recommend it for a great attention grabber."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Real world influences.  There is no doubt that this author knows what is going on in her heroine's head - doubts, strengths that she doesn't know she has, strengths that she thinks she has and doesn't - plenty of nuances that both help the heroine and interfere with her at the same time, just like real life. All that helps keep the story grounded. Admittedly, there are one or two places when the story went where where I thought it might, but there are more surprises as well - and a surprise at the end that that makes me think there is more coming from this author - and I am looking forward to the next book, and the one after that, and the one after that, and ..."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "An awesome read.  I loved this book! I read the whole book in 2 days. I must confess though, I was up until almost 3 in the morning the second day. I just couldn't put it down until I finished it."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Page turner and pulse racing.  This book had me up at the wee hours of night. I couldn't put it down! Just had an amazing whirlwind of feelings whilst reading it."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Good read.  I really enjoyed this book. It was so good it was hard to put down and was a quick read."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "A very good book. Just could not put it down. Loved it. A must read. Very funny at times yet the suspense kept you hanging."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Great read!  This is a wonderful book, it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and I would recommend it to anyone. This is a book that will make you think about who you give your heart to before you make it legal."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Keeps you reading.  Good, fast-paced read and will make me look for more by this author. I still want to know who in her office betrayed her though!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Great book! My kind of reading. I know Steve's Mom would love to read it, she and I have shared books in these past. The kind of book that you can't put down and you keep reading into the night."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Twists and turns.  This book had me by the throat from the beginning. It touched on domestic abuse and the problem of a man emotionally crippling his wife. Yet it was much more than that. Intense, gripping, hard to put down book. Don't get it unless you're ready to really enjoy the twist and turns of an excellent thriller. (Plus, little gore. The author was able to present visual pain without gross, bloody scenes). I will be looking for (and buying) more books by this author. You won't be disappointed."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "From the very first page … A great read! From the very first page I was sucked into this story. The author does an amazing job intertwining the story of two very different woman and I found myself completely engrossed in their lives."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Excellent!!!  I started this book, read until 3 in the morning, got up and finished it a couple of hours. Fast paced, intriguing, attention keeping and romantic. Loved every minute of it!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "This was definitely a nail biter. It kept your attention and was hard to put down. It took many breathtaking turns and was a real thriller. Well written!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Awesome.  It grabs and does not let you go until the very last word. Pegi Price does a great job with this book."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Surprise!  Wow! Suspense from start to finish. This story takes you from college love in Georgia to survival in the backwoods of Missouri. A women finds the strength she needs to survive while going from one suspense filled situation to another."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Great read.  I really enjoyed this book. So much truth is shown in the way abusers treat the people they supposedly love, really it is a control issue. They feel a false sense of self importance.  I hope this book will help someone see a way out."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Good stuff.  This writer kept my attention couldn't put the book down,  One of the best reads in awhile. Looking forward to reading more of her work."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Fantastic book!!  Not Dead Yet by Pegi Price was a wonderfully written book. I did not want to put it down. From the first page, I was wrapped up in the plot and with the characters. Bravo! I can not wait to read whatever she writes next!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Well written, suspenseful.  Could not put this one down. Definitely a page turner. Portrays the mentality of someone who has been through divorcing a person with mental issues well. Look forward to more books by Pegi Price."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "This is an intense and riveting novel that keeps you on the edge. It is suspenseful and entertaining for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Hope there are more like it to come."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Nail biting entertainment.  This one is a nail biter!! I loved this book. This first novel makes me excited to see what she will do next. If you like Lisa Scottoline or Sue Grafton, you will love Pegi Price."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "A real thrill ride.  This book is a suspense filled page turner. It grabs you from the beginning chapter and does not let go. You will want to read it cover to cover. It has very interesting colorful characters that develop throughout the book. If you like Stephanie Bond type books, you will love this book."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "A great Read.  What an interesting read! I am not a lawyer and I was completely captured by this story. The author did an amazing job pulling me in from the very beginning. I couldn't put it down!! The characters and story line are so well depicted that I felt like I was in the story myself! This is a page turner that I definitely recommend!!!"

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!   "A real nail-biter.  This book will catch your attention from the very first page. It is a brilliantly written, nail-biting suspense thriller that you will not want to put down."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Gonna be better than part one if that is possible.  I can't wait to finish this book! It looks like it will be better than part one if that is possible. Theia is my hero. She shows that all woman no matter what they have been through can succeed in their goals and make their dreams happen. I hope this author is here to stay and I will be reading everything she puts out. Wonderful read."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  "Theia Pearson was so great in the first book I was sold on the second before it was even available. Is it just me or does any one else read that title in a voice from Monty Python? “Not dead yet. Still not dead. It’s just a flesh wound.” It’s more suspenseful than that limbless knight but he haunts me through the book nonetheless."

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!  “It’s just a flesh wound!” Sorry, but someone else in the reviews started it.  Having spent a few years in St. Louis, this book really appealed to me. I read the first and loved it so was eager to come back for more.
I loved the fast pace of the writing. The plot doesn’t get bogged down in unessential details. It’s strong enough to force the reader to read through the night and I always appreciate that."
Very well written and enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone."


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