Jack Quotes

  • “Settle in, ladies.  We have about an hour’s drive to Cruella and the Pervert’s house.”
  • What an idiot he’d been, thinking of growing old with her.  That’s what happens when you give your heart to someone, they kick you in the teeth.
  • “There’s no point in my being alive without her.”
  • “She’s neurotic and completely self-centered, incapable of loving anyone except herself.” 
  • “No one will ever harm you, not on my watch.  You’re safe now.”
  • On living together:  “Are you kidding?  Sex whenever I want it, no extra driving and no strings attached.  Please tell me I didn’t say that out loud.” 

  • “I’m not hiding some great mystery.  There’s nothing to tell.”
  • “What put that stupid thought into your head?  Maybe you don’t have to be all that smart to go to law school after all.”
  • “You’re a walking basket case with your PTSD and your nightmares.  You should be grateful I even want to spend time with someone like you.”
  • “My balls.  Would you like them served on a platter here, or in a take-home sack?”
  • “I offered him my life for yours.”
  • On walking around naked in the apartment at night:  “Far be it from me to deprive anyone of a view.”



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