Foster Quotes

  • “We’ll be together for eternity, dollbaby.”
  • “The last thing each of you will see is the other one dying.”
  • “I want to take care of you and put you up on a pedestal.  Is that so wrong?”

  • “Who do you want me to kill to prove my love for you?”
  • “Tell me, did you make her scream?  Did she say you were the best?  Was she worth dying for?”
  • “Today, you will fulfill your promise to me, when you die with me.”
  • “Tried to kill me at the farmhouse, did you, sweetheart?  With one of my own scalpels, no less.  Touche.”
  • “You’re my one true love, my obsession, my destiny.”
  • “Where are you, Theia?  You’ve got to love me!”
  • “No, my love.  I’m going to kill you.”


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